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Who is God?


Rhyme & Picture book

Pages: 20


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Age: 3 - 5

Kaun Hai Bhagwan?

Who is god is a unique picture book providing a unique message to children through a hummable rhyme?
Buy and sing to your child now!

Who is God? Rhyme Inspired by Gita

myNachiketa Rhyme Picture Book

‘Who is God?’ explores the question of who is God through a simple and beautiful rhyme. The children are trying to create their own understanding of God - as our creator, a parent who is forever present for us, who keeps all the evil at bay making us feel safe, and finally realising God is our friend who will always be there for us!

Ideal for children

The simple hummable poem is brought to life by beautiful hand-painted illustrations which are soft and sweet to children. The book tells the rhyme in English and Hindi.

Unique model

The book is ideal for reading, singing to children and also helping kids develop a reading habit. It is of an attractive size (20cmX20cm) and has large font text which is easily readable. It encourages children to ask questions and gives a deep message that will endure for their lifetime. It is ideal for children of age 3-5 years.

Picture book Series
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The book is part of myNachiketa Picture Book Series which seeks to introduce concepts and philosophical ideas in Hinduism in a simple and fun way to children.


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Kids and Parents love us


In older times, we had grandparents sharing the knowledge of Ramayana and Gita with kids but today that is missing. I liked this workshop for Ayan as it introduces spiritual concepts at a young age, and this increases kid’s logical and rational thinking. It will help them to become a better individual in life.

Monica Sharma – Ayan’s mother
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