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Rhyme Book Combo

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Pages: 32

Age: 3 - 5

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Rhyme Book Combo

Gita Rhyme Books Collection

Set of 2 Rhyme books "Who is God?" and "Where is God?" in both English and Hindi

books have colorful illustrations all loved by kids.

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myNachiketa Rhyme Picture Book

Shloka Image about different versions of Truth.

Rhymes Inspired by Gita
myNachiketa Rhyme Picture Book
Set of 2 Rhyme books "Who is God?" and "Where is God?" in both English and Hindi introduce young readers to the idea of God in a fun and interesting way. The books feature rhymes in big letters along with vibrant hand images, making them best presents for kids between the ages of 3 and 5. Perfect rhymes for kids to learn, memorize and recite at school.

Ideal for children

Activity in the book to help children self-introspect and find their goal in life.

They present Gita ideas to kids at a young age. Children develop their own idea of God in "Who is God?" as our creator, a father who is always there to protect us from harm, and finally as a friend who will always be there for us. Children also learn that God is everywhere and also we have the power of God within us.

Unique model

Hindi Shloka explaining we all are a part of God and God exists among everything.

The book boosts memory retention and overall brain development while imparting moral teachings and offering direction. It is a piece of the myNachiketa Picture Book Series, which exposes ideas and concepts from the Gita, Upanishads, and Vedas.

Picture book Series

A girl meditating in search of God and the meaning of life.

The book is part of myNachiketa Picture Book Series which seeks to introduce concepts and philosophical ideas in Hinduism in a simple and fun way to children.

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