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An elephant enters the blind people's village

This story talks about God is one but we look at it in different ways.

Source: Rigveda

Keywords: elephant story, Rigveda, God is everywhere

A long time ago, there was a village named Andhakpur. Where all the people living were blind. They would recognize things by touching them and would do all their work like this. Once an amazing incident happened, an elephant came into the village from somewhere.

Everyone in the village touched the elephant and tried to find out what it was. A man touched the elephant's belly and said, "This is a big wall." Then another voice came, “No-no Gopal, this is a pillar.” said Phoolkumari aunt who had caught hold of the elephant's leg.

“You are wrong aunt, it is a thin rope. This will be useful for children to jump.” Ramu uncle said, hanging on his tail.

“What are you talking about uncle, this is a thick pipe, we will water our fields through it.” Mohanlal farmer said.

“What has happened to all of you that you consider a big fan to be sometimes a wall, sometimes a pillar, and sometimes a pipe and a rope. Well, it is good that this big fan has come to our village, it will provide some relief from this terrible heat.” Said Champa who was holding the elephant's ear.

So children, we saw that there was only one elephant but someone thought it was a wall, someone a pillar, someone a pipe, and someone considered it a rope and a fan. Just as everyone imagined the same elephant as different things, similarly we also see the same God in different forms. How the arrival of a wonderful elephant created a stir in the village of blind people. Understand from this interesting story why God is one but has many forms.

Understand this story from one shloka from Rigveda

एकं सत् विप्रा बहुधा वदन्ति

ekam sat vipra bahudha vadanti

Truth is one but wise people see it differently.

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Story type: Witty, Activity-based

Age: 6+years; Class: 2+

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