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Indian mythological stories

Updated: May 2

 indian mythological stories

Step into the world of "Stories that Make Your Heart Happy!" These special tales are like friendly hugs for your heart, helping you understand how amazing and magical you are. Ever wonder what "spirituality" is? It's like a big, warm feeling inside, connecting you to everything around you. Wise turtles, talking trees, and twinkling stars go on adventures that teach us about being kind, saying thanks, and finding the magic inside ourselves. These stories are like special treasures that make your heart glow and show you how wonderful the world can be. Ready for a journey full of joy and discovery? Let's start!


Story of Dhruva

story of dhruva

This is the story from Bhagavatam Purana of a brave boy named Dhruva. Why did Dhruva go to the jungle to worship God? How did he become the brightest star in the sky? Read this story to find the answers to these questions.


Story of Prahlad

story of prahlad

This is the story of immense courage and devotion from Bhagavatam Purana. Hiranyakashyap's son Prahlad was a devoted follower of Lord Vishnu, which angered Hiranyakashyap as he saw himself as a god. He tried to punish Prahlad severely, but Lord Vishnu always saved him. Finally, Lord Vishnu took the form of Narasimha and defeated Hiranyakashyap. Read the full story to learn more about Prahlad.



Story of Svetaketu

story of svetaketu

When  Svetaketu, whose story comes in Chhandogya Upanishad became too proud of his knowledge, his father gave him wisdom that humbled him and made him realize that God is the greatest truth. He understood that nothing in the world exists without God. Let's find out through this story how father helped Svetaketu understand the truth.


 How did lord Hanuman cross the sea

how did lord hanuman cross the sea

When Hanumanji and his friends set out to find Sita Mata, they encountered a vast ocean blocking their path. Crossing it seemed impossible. Jamvantji reminded Hanumanji of his forgotten powers. Let's relive this story from Ramayana to see the miracles Hanumanji showed with his powers.

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Krishna & the fruit seller

krishna & the fruit seller

Little Krishna loved sweet fruits very much. One day, a fruit seller named Sukhiya came to Gokul. She asked Krishna for some wheat grains in exchange for sweet fruits. Did Krishna bring the grains? Did he get the fruits? Let's see what happened next in this lovely tale from Bhagavad Purana. 


Story of Nachiketa

story of nachiketa

This is the story from Kathopanishad of a five-year-old boy named Nachiketa who obeyed his father and went to Yama, the god of death. Impressed by Nachiketa's determination, Yama granted him three wishes. For his third wish, Nachiketa asked Yama about the secret of life. If you want to know Yama's answer to Nachiketa's question, read this inspiring story filled with Nachiketa's courage.


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Story of Satyakam

story of satykam

Satyakam was a boy who was never afraid to speak the truth. Impressed by his fearlessness, Sage Gautama made him his disciple and gave him the knowledge of God.


Why did Hanuman ji tear his chest?

why did hanuman ji tear his chest

After Lord Rama's victory over Ravana, something interesting happened in Ayodhya. Sita Mata gave gifts to everyone. Even Hanumanji received a gift. What did Hanumanji do with that gift, and how did he demonstrate his devotion and love for Lord Rama? Let's see in this heartwarming tale from Ramayana.


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