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Gita For Kids

Gita For Kids

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Gita Family Book Set

Interactive Book

Activity, Story, Rhyme & Interactive Book

Books: 5


Age: Full family!

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5 bestseller books - Gita ideas for full family
⚫ Story Book inspired by Gita.
⚫ Interactive Book on God concepts.
⚫ Shloka Activity Book.
⚫ Rhymes and Songs Book.
The Special 'Gita for Kids and Everyone'

“Gita for kids”, “Nachiketa Tells Stories”, "Discovering God", "Shloka & Doha Activity Book" and “Gita Rhymes” introduce young readers to the ancient Indian philosophy and the concepts of Hinduism. “Gita for kids” contains Krishna’s teachings together with shlokas,sanskrit lessons, stories, examples and activities. “Nachiketa tells stories” tells adventurous moral stories and divine tales in a magical world. "Discovering God" offers an interactive approach to exploring questions about God, and the relationship between God and us, "Shloka and Dohas Activity Book" presents meaningful shlokas, mantras and dohas accompanied by fun activities such as puzzles, word games and drawing. “Gita Rhymes for kids” is a rhyme and song book that presents a collection of three nursery rhymes in both Hindi and English, accompanied by colourful illustrations.

The books have quotes, mantras and selections from texts such as Gita, Ramayana, Vedas, Upanishads, and the Puranas.

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