Vivekananda introduced hindu philosophy to adults, we will teach hindu philosophy to children.

Our Mission

Make the new Hindu child* open-minded, inquiring, inclusive individual, one with awareness of the wealth of philosophical knowledge in the Hindu tradition, a critical thinker, a finder of his/her own way, and a helper for others in the process of discovery.

* While the Hindu child must be aware of our philosophical tradition, myNachiketa welcomes children of all religions (plus who follow none) interested in the subject.


We seek to have the following impact on children


We are developing the philosophical acumen of kids using stories and rituals in hinduism. This will help them lead a more meaningful life.

The interactive nature of our books and workshops will help the kids learn public speaking, effective communication, and sharing their opinions openly.


We engage kids in activities such as drawing, storytelling etc. to enhance their creativity.

We encourage kids to ask questions that they are too scared to ask!  We let them critically analyze, discuss, debate, and help through the process.

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Our Philosophy

We do not give answers, we encourage kids to ask questions!

Nachiketa Foundation is dedicated to introducing the various Hindu Philosophical Schools to children. While we bring all different ideas and concepts to children, our emphasis is on the Upanishadic literature, the Bhagavad Gita, and Vedanta.

Our aim is not to force any particular view on children, but to encourage them to ask questions, and discuss and debate topics in a constructive manner. We want children to think deeply about these topics and find their own answers.


We, at all times, uphold the principle that there are many paths to God and one truth but seen variously.




Nachiketa Foundation is a non-profit organization, dedicated to creating products, content, and courses and distributing them at scale. We are still building our team. myNachiketa foundation funded by Varun Aggarwal.