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Discovering God - Hindu Philosophy, Book guiding children to understand and explore Hindu gods.
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myNachiketa Books Gift Pack

The gift of Knowledge

  • myNachiketa books are an ideal return gift, prizes and for distribution among children

  • All our books have activities, stories and colouring, which children ENJOY

  • The books give unique spiritual knowledge of Gita and Upanishads to kids

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Kids and Parents love us

" It introduces spiritual concepts at a young age, and this increases kid’s logical and rational thinking. "

Monica Sharma – Ayan’s mother

" I was surprised to see Saanvi’s awareness and understanding of God, discussions about God... I felt a positive change that she learned a lot."

Sushma Mohan – Saanvi’s mother

" Tanmay came back very happy and shared all the concepts learned. I observe many positive changes in him."

Surinder Singh – Tanmay’s father

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