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Discovering God

Interactive Book

Interactive Book

Pages: 99


Age: 9 - 12

Discovering God | Hindu Philosophy for Children | Knowledge of Gita and Upanishads | Shlokas and Mantras. 

Discovering God is a first-of-its-kind book, which explores questions about God and ourselves. The book brings the philosophy of Gita and Upanishads to children in a fun & interactive way. Rather than just giving simple answers, it makes the child think, reflect, do activities and reach their own answers.

Have a Look inside

​Knowledge of Upanishads & Gita

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Children know various God stories, but not much about the philosophical wisdom of Gita and Upanishads. This philosophy, called Vedanta, looks into questions such as: Are all different Gods true? What is the relation between God and us? Do we have control over our lives? The book answers these questions through stories, comparisons and real-world examples. This ancient knowledge forms the backbone of Hinduism and something our children must know about.

Activity based

Activity in the book to help children self-introspect and find their goal in life.

The book introduces various ideas to the child and everything is open to question. It interacts with the child by asking about their life and experiences. It also includes interesting exercises and activities.
The purpose of the book is to - start on the journey of questioning, rather than finding a single answer.

Interesting shlokas and mantras

Hindi Shloka explaining we all are a part of God and God exists among everything.

The book contains beautiful shlokas from Vedas, Upanishads and Puranas, to help children understand Indian cultural traditions. Children can also hear the shlokas through QR codes. It has beautiful illustrations which bring concepts to life and inspire children. The book is reviewed by academic experts and those in the Hindu tradition. It is appropriate for children in Grade 4 and above.

Lasting impact

A girl meditating in search of God and the meaning of life.

This book promises to ignite the spark of curiosity and instill a desire to learn. The child learns about Indian wisdom, moral values and life lessons. The questions raised in the book are already in the mind of your child - we bring them out and help you in raising an aware and informed child.

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