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Gita For Kids

Interactive Book

Interactive Book

Pages: 52


Age: 6+

Gita for Kids | Teachings, Sanskrit lessons and Activities | For all ages of children (6+ years)

Gita for kids is a unique book that brings teachings of Gita to kids in a simple, fun and engaging way. It contains Krishna’s teachings together with stories, examples and activities. As you tell your kids stories of Ramayana and Mahabharat, do introduce Gita’s teachings to them as well.

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Knowledge of Gita

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We tell our children stories of the Mahabharata and the Ramayana, but do we tell them about the Bhagavad Gita? The Gita contains the foundational ideas of Hinduism. 'Gita for Kids' introduces two kinds of teachings from the Gita. First, Vedantic Upanishadic concepts regarding our relationships with God, who is God, where is God, etc. Second, it introduces children on how to behave and conduct themselves to live a meaningful life.

Interesting activities for children

Activity in the book to help children self-introspect and find their goal in life.

Each chapter contains an engaging activity to keep the child excited about the book. The 12 activities in the book include completing a poem, colouring, moral stories, filling the blanks, magic pictures, drawing and more. These activities follow a “do-and-learn” approach. As kids do these activities, they retain and remember the message of the chapter for a longer time.

Sanskrit lessons

Hindi Shloka explaining we all are a part of God and God exists among everything.

Each chapter contains Sanskrit lessons from the Gita, covering concepts such as karma, the importance of fulfilling one's duty, the presence of God within us, and more, to help children understand Indian cultural values. These lessons include introduction of Sanskrit words, shlokas, and mantras from the Gita.

Overall well-being

A girl meditating in search of God and the meaning of life.

The book helps develop moral values and life skills such as self-confidence, positive thinking, fearlessness, dutifulness and respect for everyone. These values not only help the child become more successful in whatever s/he does, but also meaningfully contribute to the society and be a good citizen of the world. The book is ideal to read to children at bedtime.

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