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Gita Colouring and Sticker Book

Interactive Book

Colouring & Sticker Book

Pages: 48


Age: 3+

Gita Colouring & Sticker Book | Stickers to Boost The Morale of Kids | Ideal for Teachers and Parents | Colouring Book for kids aged 3 and above

The Gita Colouring & Sticker Book merges Gita teachings into each picture, showcasing Krishna's lessons in Hindi and English. Perfect for parents and teachers to instill morals, it includes stickers of Krishna, Hanuman, and more, drawing inspiration from Hindu scriptures. Inspiring early learners, it aids skill development by boosting concentration, creativity, and imagination.

Have a Look inside

Impart moral values

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The Gita Colouring & Sticker Book is a unique kind of book that incorporates the teachings of the Gita. Each picture in the book depicts a teaching of Krishna in both Hindi and English languages. It's ideal for teachers and parents to impart moral values to kids. The book includes stickers featuring beautiful illustrations of Krishna, Hanuman, Meera, Sankaracharya, Buddha, and many more.

Perfect gift for early learners

Activity in the book to help children self-introspect and find their goal in life.

The picture is inspired by the Gita, Upanishads, Ramayana, yoga, Puranas, Vedas, and other Hindu scriptures. It's great for kids to learn with activities. It is the perfect gift for early learners who are just starting to draw and read, as the book teaches morals in a fun and engaging way.

Enhance Creativity

Hindi Shloka explaining we all are a part of God and God exists among everything.

The informative content in the book helps in the skill development of kids, enhancing concentration, creativity, and imagination.

Lasting impact

A girl meditating in search of God and the meaning of life.

This book promises to ignite the spark of curiosity and instill a desire to learn. The child learns about Indian wisdom, moral values and life lessons.

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