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Nachiketa Tells Stories

Interactive Book

Story Book

Pages: 80


Age: 7 - 12

Nachiketa Tells Stories | 8 adventure stories with echoes of Gita and Upanishads | Fun Illustrations to color

Nachiketa tells Stories creates a magical world of 8 adventurous, fun-filled stories, which will keep your child hooked and boost their imagination. The characters in our stories are either little boys and girls or animals who carry the heart and spirit of a child.

Have a Look inside

Engaging Stories

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Storytelling has proven to be one of the most effective methods of teaching children about anything!! Keeping that in mind myNachiketa has created this book to give the knowledge of ancient Gita and Upanishads to children through simple stories, fun activities and illustrations to color. In these stories, children investigate big questions of life and find answers themselves. They are inspired by stories from life of Vivekananda, Buddha, parables, and more. These moral stories and divine tales can also be narrated to kids at bedtime.

Inspires Critical Questioning

Activity in the book to help children self-introspect and find their goal in life.

In each story, the character explores a question, but no teacher or book gives them the answer! They find the answers themselves through an adventure, sometimes in a day, sometimes in a week, and sometimes in a lifetime. Nature talks to them, people and things around them offer clues, and they find their own answers. In the same way, we encourage the readers to find the answers to these questions themselves.

Fun Illustrations for Coloring

Hindi Shloka explaining we all are a part of God and God exists among everything.

We encourage children reading our book to start asking questions and finding answers in their own unique way just like our characters do!! And while they are at it, have fun colouring beautiful, hand-drawn illustrations inside the book and create a world that speaks to them. The purpose of adding images to the books is to keep the children interested and so that the story has a lasting effect in their minds.

Lifelong Impact

A girl meditating in search of God and the meaning of life.

We hope you and your children enjoy reading this book as much as we enjoyed creating it for you and you keep coming back to it every time you need some magic in your lives. We want our readers to adopt a new and improved way of living based on their own understanding of the teachings of Gita and Upanishads. These stories can help find their own answers!

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