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Content Editor-Intern

New Delhi, Delhi, India

Job Type


Role: Content Editor and Strategist

We are developing a number of products related to Indian philosophy based on the knowledge

encapsulated in the Vedas, Upanishads, and Gita. One of our major strategies is to create

engaging books for children based on our knowledge base. We are looking for an individual

who can write content of various kinds ranging from book content, scripts for long and short

form videos, captions for social media, video description, copy for poster/standee/brochure

design, landing page content and more. The individual will support us in creating impactful

marketing and product content for our organization and a strong social media presence. The

detailed responsibilities are mentioned below.


  • Write and edit children content given a brief.

  • Write content for various medias including books, insta captions, youtube script,

    linkedin script, facebook script etc.

  • Ability to do secondary research on Google and other mediums for creative content


  • Be able to manage writers, illustrators, designers across teams and different platforms.

  • Creatively develop storylines, illustration/design briefs and scripts.

  • Being able to give high quality specific feedback on content/illustrations/design.

  • Work with management to make long term content plan.

  • Work with technical reviewers to ensure technical accuracy of the content. This will

    include collating feedback from teams. Reviews and ensuring that this is effectively

    communicated to the responsible members.


  • Proficiency in writing/editing in English and Hindi

  • Creative Writing skills

  • Interest in children literature

  • Understanding of social media content

  • A sense of design and aesthetics

  • Any proficiency in Sanskrit is a plus

  • Interest/exposure to Hindu philosophy is a plus

  • Strategic mindset and the ability to work at pace

  • Excellent communication (both verbal and written) and people management skills

What's in it for you

  • Work with an experienced team who are specialized in product, content, technology

  • Work in a high paced start-up environment

  • Be involved in a highly creative endeavor

  • Pay as per industry standards

About the Company

myNachiketa Foundation is inspired by Nachiketa, a character in the Upanishads, who asks
philosophical questions to Yama in his childhood. We seek to bring the philosophical ideas and
concepts in Hinduism to children in creative ways. We are designing innovative products
including books, games, workshops, etc. to bring this knowledge to kids. Our method is to
encourage kids to question and think of various different ways of arriving at answers, rather
than developing a regimented thought process. Our goal is to reach every kid globally with this
knowledge, help them critically reason and develop their own understanding based on exposure
to various schools of Indian philosophy.

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