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Video Editor-Intern

New Delhi, Delhi, India

Job Type

Full Time

myNachiketa is creating content to teach philosophical lessons to the kids and we need visual

storyteller who can create stories that speak to them. We are looking for a creative and

passionate video editor intern to join our team and help us create a brand across different

social media platforms through powerful video content. You will bring fresh ideas to the table

and push projects from good to great by being creative, innovative and willing to break the

barriers of common video editing tactics to make our content fresh, fun and relevant.

You will be expected to make both short and long form videos for youtube, instagram etc and

in different formats such as animation, real life, stock videos etc.


  • Be a role player in the ideation, planning, and execution of a variety of video production

    projects as part of the overall video marketing strategy. This will include short and long

    form social media engagement videos.

  • Work with the content marketing team and serve as an executive on video content

    production and post-production processes.

  • Understand the best design techniques and solutions to create eye-catching videos for

    Instagram, Youtube, Website etc.

  • Create funny and engaging reels or videos for different social media platforms

  • Utilize analytics to identify areas to grow our digital media portfolio to drive increased

    adoption and marketing penetration rate.

  • Work in partnership with the team to conceptualise, create, and deliver on various

    educational and marketing campaigns.

  • Stay current on emerging digital and mobile trends for video consumption online, and

    communicate them to the larger team as they pertain to our work, processes and


Required Qualifications:

  • Knowledge of creating videos through canva, filmora, adobe (preferred)

  • Knowledge of editing for different visual styles, motion graphics and animation skills


  • Demonstrated experience using images to tell a story or illustrate a concept

  • Must have creative and artistic skills

  • Experience: Video Editing: 1 year (Preferred)

About the Company

myNachiketa Foundation is inspired by Nachiketa, a character in the Upanishads, who asks
philosophical questions to Yama in his childhood. We seek to bring the philosophical ideas and
concepts in Hinduism to children in creative ways. We are designing innovative products
including books, games, workshops, etc. to bring this knowledge to kids. Our method is to
encourage kids to question and think of various different ways of arriving at answers, rather
than developing a regimented thought process. Our goal is to reach every kid globally with this
knowledge, help them critically reason and develop their own understanding based on
exposure to various schools of Indian philosophy.

Instagram: myNachiketa
Youtube: myNachiketa

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