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Krishna lifted Govardhan Parvat

This story teaches us that we should perform our duties selflessly and not expect anything in return.

Keywords: Duty, Truth, Values

Krishna lifted Govardhan Parvat


Once Krishna saw that the people of Vrindavan were busy preparing for a puja with great excitement. Krishna asked his father Nand what puja they were preparing for.

Nand told Krishna that since the rainy season was approaching, the people of Vrindavan were preparing to worship the rain god, Lord Indra.

When Lord Indra is pleased, there will be good rainfall in Vrindavan, which will make our crops flourish and everyone's life happy. People would offer various offerings to Lord Indra, including wealth, delicious food, beautiful clothes, and many other things.

Krishna didn't like this idea. He told Nand Baba, "It is Lord Indra's duty to bring rain. One should not expect anything in return for performing our duties."

Krishna explained to the villagers that if they wanted to worship, they should worship their cows, which provide us with milk, and the Govardhan mountain, whose green grass feeds our cows. Both of them do not expect anything in return from us.

The people of Vrindavan understood Krishna's point and started worshipping the Govardhan mountain instead of Indra. They offered all the items meant for Indra to the Govardhan mountain.

Indra became very angry when he saw all this and decided to teach the villagers a lesson. He showed his power by sending a strong storm and heavy rain to Vrindavan.

The people ran to Krishna and prayed for their protection. Krishna led them all to the Govardhan mountain, lifted it with his little finger, and everyone took shelter under it and got saved from the rain and storm.

The rain continued for seven days, but everyone was under the protection of Krishna and the Govardhan mountain.

Indra realized his mistake and understood the power of God. He apologized to Krishna and the people of Vrindavan.

This story teaches us that we should perform our duties selflessly and not expect anything in return. We should also have faith in God that he will help us in times of trouble.

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Source: Bhagavatam

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Story type: Spiritual, Mythological

Age: 7+years; Class: 3+

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