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This story teaches us that everything in the world is a form of God.

Keywords: God, Truth, Realisation

Lord Brahmas doubt


One day, Krishna and his friends were having a meal in the garden. Nearby, their cows were grazing on the grass. Krishna and his friends were sharing a meal together with love. Sometimes Krishna would eat from his friends' plates, and sometimes his friends would eat from Krishna's.

Lord Brahma, from his realm, watched this scene. He didn't like seeing Lord Krishna eating from others' plates. Lord Brahma started to doubt whether Krishna was truly God or not. To clear his doubts, Lord Brahma decided to test Krishna.

While everyone, including the cows, was enjoying the meal, Lord Brahma used his powers to hide the cows. Not seeing the cows around, everyone became worried and asked Krishna, "Where did our cows go? They were grazing here just now."

Krishna reassured them, saying, "Don't worry, I'll find them." Saying this, Krishna went to search for the cows. As soon as he got the chance, Lord Brahma took all the cowherds to his realm.

Krishna saw that his friends were also missing. Using his powers, Krishna realized that Lord Brahma was behind all this.

He thought, "It seems I have to show Lord Brahma the truth." Krishna took the form of all the cowherds and cows and walked among the villagers for a year. No one realised that they were actually Krishna in disguise.

Lord Brahma realised his mistake. He apologized to Krishna and sent all the cowherds and cows back to earth. 

Then Krishna explained to Lord Brahma that everything in the world, whether humans, animals, trees, rivers, mountains, or anything else, is a form of God.

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Source: Bhagavatam

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Story type: Spiritual, Mythological

Age: 7+years; Class: 3+

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