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This story teaches us that we should be fearless.

Keywords: fearlessness, devotion, faith

Story of Dhruva


The word Dhruva means firm, someone who is firm in his intentions and never deviates from his word.

Meera, an eight-year-old girl, used to be afraid of many things. She feared going into dark rooms, sleeping alone, and was even scared of insects. The word "exams" would make her shiver. One day, her mother gave her a book of stories, and among them was the story of a brave child named Dhruva.

Would you like to know more about Dhruva? Let's read the story.

A long time ago, there was a king named Uttanapada, who had two queens, Suniti and Suruchi. Both queens had very different natures. Suniti was calm and simple, while Suruchi was clever and proud. The king favoured Suruchi more because she was more beautiful than Suniti. Queen Suniti had a son named Dhruva, and Queen Suruchi had a son named Uttam. One day, Dhruva was playing in his father Uttanapada's lap when Queen Suruchi came and removed him, saying, "You cannot sit in the king's lap; only my son has that right." Dhruva was deeply hurt and went to his mother to tell her everything.

His mother told him, "There is great power in devotion to God. If you sincerely worship God, you can find a place not only in your father's lap but also in God's embrace." Moved by his strong determination, Dhruva, at the age of five, set out to the forest for meditation and prayers. Sage Narada, witnessing Dhruva's determination, tried to convince him to return home. But Dhruva remained dedicated in his decision. Narada then instructed him to chant the mantra 'Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya' while meditating.

Dhruva, fearless by the jungle animals, harsh weather, and icy cold, continued his prayers without interruption for several months. Pleased with his devotion, God appeared before Dhruva and granted him a boon. However, Dhruva, content with the sight of God, asked for nothing more. God blessed him, ensuring that his name would shine like the brightest star in the sky, and Dhruva became known as the Pole Star.

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Source: Bhagavad Gita

विगते इच्छा भय क्रोधो यः सदा मुक्त एव सः

vigate ichchhaa bhay krodho yah sadaa mukt ev sah

The one who has no desires, fears, or anger always remains free.

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Story type: Mythological, Motivational

Age: 6+years; Class: 2+

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