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How did Lord Hanuman cross the sea?

This story teaches us that God is inside us, but we forget.

Keywords: God is within you, courage, believe in yourself

How did Lord Hanuman cross the sea?


Sarthak, studying in the seventh class, was a hardworking and capable child. There was going to be a swimming competition in his school. Sarthak also wanted to participate in the competition, but he found swimming very difficult. He felt that he would never be a good swimmer. All the children in his class were practicing swimming in the pool and he was standing silently watching them.

Then suddenly a whirlpool formed in the water and Sarthak's friend Nachiketa came there. “Sarthak, let's swim, it will be fun!” Nachiketa said while calling Sarthak into the pool.

Sarthak said, “Nachiketa, you know how difficult it is for me to swim, I get out of breath and get tired very quickly.”

Nachiketa jumped out of the water and said, “You know, earlier I too was very afraid of swimming but then I heard a story of Lord Hanuman which gave me a lot of courage. Let me tell you that story too.”

Once Lord Hanuman, along with his friends, set out in search of Mother Sita, the wife of Lord Rama, who had been kidnapped by Ravana, the king of Lanka.

The city of Lanka was across the sea. Lord Hanuman and his friends faced a big problem, “How to cross such a vast ocean.”

Lord Hanuman's friend Jamvant said to him, "You can easily cross this huge ocean."

Lord Hanuman was surprised to hear Jamvant's words and said, “What are you saying?

How can a small monkey like me cross such a vast ocean?”

Jamvant smiled and said, “Don't consider yourself small and weak, Hanuman. You are very powerful. You have received powers from many gods and goddesses, about whom you have forgotten.”

“You were very naughty in your childhood and used to trouble the sages with your powers. So a sage got angry and cursed you that you will forget all your powers, but if someone reminds you, you will remember them.”

Jamvant reminded Hanuman of his powers. As soon as he remembered his powers, Hanumanji took flight in the name of Shri Ram and crossed the sea and reached Lanka.

“Do you understand anything meaningful? Hanumanji already had powers, he just forgot about them. Similarly, we all also have the power of God in us. We can do anything no matter how difficult it is,” saying that Nachiketa disappeared.

Sarthak understood that if he believed in himself and worked hard, he would be able to become a good swimmer.

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Source: Bhagavad Gita

सर्व भूत स्थितं

Sarva bhuta sthitam

God is in everyone.

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Story type: Adventure, Motivational, Mythological

Age: 6+years; Class: 2+

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