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This story teaches us that true knowledge and good conduct are the keys to success and respect in life.

Keywords: Knowledge, Respect, Purity



The word Arundhati means 'washed by the rays of sun'. It means someone who is as clear and pure as the sun.

Arundhati was the daughter of Brahma in her previous birth, and her name was Sandhya. Sandhya performed severe penance to Lord Shiva and asked for a boon that she should not desire anything from the world.

Lord Shiva blessed her, and she was born as Arundhati, the daughter of the sage Kardama and his wife Devahuti.

Arundhati was considered equal to the Saptrishi (seven sages) due to her high knowledge and good conduct.

Arundhati was the wife of the sage Vashishtha. Sage Vashishtha was the guru of Lord Rama and one of the Saptrishis. Arundhati was a very pious and devoted woman, dedicated to her family and society.

It is believed that Agnidev's wife had a special power that she could take the form of the wives of six of the seven sages but not of Arundhati. This indicates how pure and strong she was at heart. Therefore, she was highly respected.

Arundhati and Vashishta can be seen together as a star cluster in the Milky Way, known as "Vashishta-Arundhati".

Arundhati Darshan Nyaya is named after Arundhati, which is a way to understand a difficult or deep subject with the help of something easily understood.

From the life of Arundhati, we learn that true knowledge and good conduct are the keys to success and respect in life.

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