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Did Kabir get a laddoo?

This story teaches us how to get true happiness.

Keywords: being satisfied, real happiness, contentment

Did Kabir get a laddoo


Karan and Kabir, twin brothers residing in Bhopal, were ten years old. Despite being twins, their nature was quite different. Karan was calm and cheerful, but Kabir would complain about every little thing and was always irritated.

Their mother always provided them with similar clothes and toys. But Kabir was never happy; he felt that Karan's belongings were better than his own.

Today was Saraswati Puja at school. After the puja, all the children were going to get laddoos. Kabir could hardly wait, and his stomach seemed to be jumping with excitement. But what's this? All the laddoos were finished before it was Kabir's turn!

His dream of eating motichoor laddoos seemed to shatter into pieces. Kabir became sad and started crying. Karan couldn't bear to see his brother cry. He said to Kabir, "Here, take my laddoo."

Quickly, Kabir took the laddoo from Karan's hand. However, as soon as he was about to eat the laddoo, he realized that Karan wasn't upset at all and was still smiling.

Kabir asked Karan, "Aren't you upset that you didn't get a laddoo? How can you still be so happy?"

Karan replied, "Look at the idol of Goddess Saraswati; she always has a smile on her face. Even if we don't offer her sweets or beautiful clothes, will she become unhappy? No. Therefore, we should be happy with whatever we receive in life, just like God."

Kabir understood Karan's words, and he returned the laddoo to him. Karan gave half of the laddoo to Kabir.

This story teaches us the importance of being happy with what we have, just like the deity who remains cheerful regardless of the offerings.

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Source: Chandogya Upanishad

यो वै भूमा तत्सुखं नाल्पे सुखमस्ति

yo vai bhuumaa tatsukham naalpe sukhamasti

The one that always exists is the ultimate bliss.

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Story type: Witty, Motivational

Age: 7+years; Class: 3+

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