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This story teaches us to step outside our comfort zone.

Keywords: learning, adaptability, growth

Frog in the well


Lily was a cute nine-year-old girl. She would not go anywhere other than school. She preferred staying at home instead of going anywhere else. She didn't like going out or meeting new people, and as a result, she didn't have many friends. She enjoyed being at home, playing with her toys, or playing in the garden with her younger brother.

One day, the teacher announced a trip to the jungle for all the students where they would learn about various plants, animals, and nature. All the children were excited about going on the trip, but Lily became worried at the thought of going to a new place.

"There are so many trees, plants, and animals around the school, so what is the need to go to the jungle? But how do I convince ma’am? Maybe Nachiketa can help me," Lily thought.

As Lily was thinking, she noticed a frog jumping on her desk. She got scared and moved back. The frog transformed into a boy and started laughing. "You scared me, Nachiketa!" Lily said.

"Today, I'll tell you a story about a frog that was somewhat like you," Nachiketa said.

Once upon a time, in a village, there was an old well in which a frog named Bholu lived. He had been living in that well for years. He had never gone out of the well because he thought the well was his whole world.

Suddenly, one day, a frog living in the sea, named Kola, leaped and landed in the well.

"So, is your ocean as big as this well?" Bholu asked Kola.

"Seems like you're joking. The ocean is much bigger than a well," Kola replied.

"I don't believe it; nothing can be bigger than my well," Bholu said.

"It looks I'll have to show you around the ocean," Kola said and, grabbing Bholu, took a high leap. Both came out of the well.

It was the first time Bholu had come out of the well. Bholu was amazed to see the brightness, greenery, colorful flowers, and various animals and birds.

Kola took him along the shores of the ocean. Upon seeing the vast ocean, Bholu’s eyes widened.

"I have never seen such a huge ocean before. You were right; it's much, much bigger than my well," Bholu exclaimed.

Bholu decided that he would not return to his well, but instead swim in the ocean to explore how unique it is.

"So, Lily, just as Bholu understood that there is a world beyond his well, similarly, when you step out of your small world, you will realize how vast and beautiful the world is and how much there is to discover and learn here."

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Story type: Adventure, Motivational

Age: 7+ years; Class: 3+

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