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This story teaches us that real beauty lies in true knowledge and understanding.

Keywords: Truth, Real-Beauty, Knowledge



Khema was the wife of King Bimbisara of Magadha. She was very beautiful and considered her beauty to be her greatest asset.

Khema's husband believed in the teachings of Buddha. Buddha used to say that external beauty holds no value because it will fade away one day.

One day, Bimbisara took Khema to meet Buddha at his monastery. Buddha, using the power of his mind, showed her a beautiful girl. She was amazed by her beauty.

Khema observed that the woman was gradually ageing, wrinkles appeared on her face, her hair turned grey, and her body aged. Within no time she grew old and died. She understood that beauty does not last forever.

Khema understood the truth of life and became a disciple of Buddha. She was the first female disciple of Gautama Buddha.

Due to her knowledge and deep understanding, she was highly respected by everyone.

She taught the higher teachings of Buddhism to people in a simple manner.

From Khema's life, we learn that the beauty of the mind is greater than physical beauty, which comes from true knowledge and understanding.

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