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This story teaches us that God is everywhere and within us.

Keywords: God is everywhere, faith, discovery

Monu’s birthday


Today was Monu's birthday. He turned nine years old today. After getting ready in the morning, he went to the temple with his father. On the way, he saw a man worshipping a cow. Outside the temple, a woman was worshipping a peepal tree. The priest was offering water to the sun. Monu worshipped the god inside the temple. Returning from the temple, he asked his father, "Dad, why do we worship animals, trees, the sun, and the moon?"

"That's a good question. Why don't we find the answer together?" his father replied. After coming back from the temple, Monu went to the market with his father to buy things for his birthday. They bought balloons, candles, and decorations.

His mother had ordered paneer to make a pea-paneer curry. So, both of them went to the dairy to buy paneer. "But we get milk here, right Dad?" Monu asked. "Yes, and we also get paneer because paneer is made from milk," his father said.

Just then, a man came and asked for a litre of milk to make yoghurt. "Wow! Even yoghurt is made from milk," thought Monu.

Monu and his father then went to buy ice cream. The ice cream vendor said that their milk had gone bad that day, so they couldn't make ice cream.

"Don't be sad, son. Let's get ice creams from another shop," his father said. They went to another shop and bought Monu's favourite mango ice cream.

"Oh! We forgot to buy sweets. Let's quickly go to the sweet shop," they were buying sweets when a milkman arrived and gave the shopkeeper a lot of milk.

"Dad, so many things are made from just milk - yogurt, paneer, butter, sweets, and even ice cream," said Monu.

"Yes, it's amazing," said his father.

Monu said, "It seems like I've found the answer to my question. Just like all these things have different forms and names, they are made from the same thing. Similarly, humans, trees, and animals might look different, but they all have the same god within them."

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Source: Kabirdas Ke Dohe

जल में कुम्भ, कुम्भ में जल है, बाहर भीतर पानी

फूटा कुम्भ जल जलहि समाना, यह तथ कह्यो गयानी।।

jal mein kumbh, kumbh mein jal hai, baahar bheetar paanee

phoota kumbh jal jalahi samaana, yah tath kahyo gayaanee.

It means we and god are one.

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Story type: Adventure, Motivational

Age: 7+years; Class: 3+

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