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OMG! Geet’s boat sank

This story teaches us that God is one but has different forms.

Keywords: one god, oneness, wisdom

OMG! Geet’s boat sank


Vani and her friends went on a trip to Kanyakumari with their parents during their holidays. One afternoon, Vani and her friends were playing on the beach. They made a small and beautiful temple out of wet sand and decorated it with seashells. The temple looked very nice.

Suddenly, Vani said, "There is something missing in this temple."

"What is missing? It looks so good," Sohan said.

"The temple should have a God inside it," Vani replied.

"You're right, Vani. Let's make a statue of Goddess Durga and place it inside. She is the most powerful; she defeated the terrifying demon Mahishasura," Bhumi said.

"No, no, Hanuman is the strongest. He even swallowed the sun in his childhood," Yash asserted.

"But Krishna lifted the entire Govardhan mountain on his little finger. He is the most powerful." Sulabh argued.

Listening to everyone, Vani said, "Maybe you all forgot about Lord Shiva, who drank poison to save the world.” Kids were unable to decide which God is the most powerful. Then they saw a boy surfing on the sea waves.

"Hey, that's Nachiketa!" all the kids said in one voice.

Nachiketa came to the children and said, "How are you, friends? "Now, what question is in your mind?"

The children explained their problem to Nachiketa.

"Sit comfortably, and I will tell you an interesting story. It will help you find the answer to your question."

Once, a man named Geet was crossing a river on a boat. Suddenly, the boat started sinking. Geet called out to God for help. First, he called Krishna, then immediately Ram ji, followed by Hanuman ji, and finally, he remembered Goddess Durga. The boat sank, and Geet drowned along with it.

In heaven, Geet asked God, "Why wasn't I saved? I called for help from many Gods."

God replied, "You kept calling me by different names each time, so I had to change my form every time.

First as Krishna with yellow clothes and a flute, then as Ram with a bow and arrow, then as the monkey-faced Hanuman. And just as I was about to reach you, you took the name of Goddess Durga. I kept changing my forms one after another which got me late and your boat sank."

"That means, God is one but has different forms," the children said.

Taking this lesson to heart, the children created a special idol of God with many hands, holding a mace (gada), trident, flute, and lotus. The idol had a peacock feather on the head, a snake around the neck, and long hair. They placed this unique idol in the temple they had built and were very happy.

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Source: Bhagavad Gita

पश्य मे पार्थ रूपाणि शतशोऽथ सहस्रश:

paśhya me pārtha rūpāṇi śhataśho ’tha sahasraśhaḥ

See, Arjuna, my hundreds and thousands of different forms.

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Story type: Adventure, Motivational

Age: 7+ years; Class: 3+

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