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This story teaches us that true devotees do find God

Keywords: Devotion, Hymns, Faith

Story of Mirabai


Mira Bai was born around 1498 in the village of Kudki in Merta. She was the only daughter of Raja Ratan Singh of Jodhpur. Mira Bai was a devotee of Krishna from her childhood. Meera Bai's parents used to call her Meera in her childhood.

One day Meera was standing on the roof of her palace. She watched a wedding procession passing by. Upon seeing the groom sitting on the chariot, she asked her mother, 'Mother, who is my groom?'

Her mother pointed towards the idol of Krishna and said, 'Here is your groom.' The words of her mother stayed with young Meera, and in her heart, she quietly considered Krishna as her husband. Mira was always immersed in devotion to Krishna. She decorated his idol and sang sweet hymns for him.

When Mira Bai grew up, she was married to Bhojraj Singh, the son of Rana Sanga, the king of Mewar. Mira Bai was not happy with this marriage because she considered Krishna as her husband.

After her marriage, Mira Bai took Krishna's idol with her to her in-laws' house. Mira Bai's devotion to Krishna grew stronger with time. She sang hymns for Krishna in the village temple and danced for him. She often went among common people to sing hymns for Krishna.

Rana Sanga did not like Mira Bai's devotion to Krishna at all. He made a lot of efforts to stop Meera Bai from worshipping Krishna. But with Krishna's blessings, she overcame every obstacle. After some time, Meera Bai left Mewar and went first to Vrindavan and then to Dwarka. It is believed that while worshipping Krishna in a temple in Dwarka, she merged into the idol of Krishna.

Mira Bai wrote many hymns and poems in devotion to Krishna. One of her prominent hymns is:

Mere to giridhar gopal dusro na koi.

Jaake sir mor mukut mero pati soi.

Taat maat bhraat bandhu aapno na koi.

Chhaandi dee kul ke kaani kaha karihai koi.

Santan dhing baithi-baithi lok laaj khoi.

chunari ke kiye took odh leenhee loi.

Moti moonge utaar banamaala poi.

Aasuvan jal seenchi seenchi prem beli boi.

Ab to bel phail gayi aanand phal hoi.

Doodh ki mathania bade prem se biloi.

Maakhan jab kaadhi liyo chhaachha piye koi.

Bhagat dekhi raji hui jagat dekhi roi.

Dasi "meera" laal giridhar taaro ab mohi.

Children, we learn from Mira Bai's life that true devotees do find God.

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