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The secret of the Musk Deer

This story teaches us that God is in us, but we do not know!

Keywords: god as consciousness within us, discovering god, himalayas, musk deer

The secret of the Musk Deer


Once upon a time, in the forests of the Himalayas, there lived a deer named Sonu. While all the other animals enjoyed eating, playing, and dancing in the lush greenery, Sonu was always restless, constantly running here and there. Neither did he find joy in grazing on grass and eating green leaves, nor did he enjoy playing with friends. He was always searching for something, but he could never find it.

Seeing Sonu distressed, Nachiketa, a friend of his, took the form of an elephant named Appu and asked him, "What's the matter, Sonu? Why do you always seem troubled, running around aimlessly? What are you searching for?"

Sonu replied with a sense of hopelessness, "Oh, what do I tell you, my friend! I always sense a wonderful fragrance, and I want to find out where it comes from. So, I keep running here and there in search of it."

Appu burst into laughter and said, "Do you not know where that fragrance comes from?"

"No! I don't know," replied Sonu.

Appu said, "You are so innocent, Sonu, not realizing the beauty within yourself. That fragrance comes from your own body. There is musk in your navel, and the fragrance is the scent of that musk."

Sonu, now delighted, thanked Appu. He had found peace at last.

Dear children, just as Sonu the deer was searching for the source of the fragrance outside but discovered it within himself, similarly, we often search for God outside when he resides within us as consciousness.

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Source: Markandeya Puran

या देवी सर्वभूतेषु चेतनेत्य भिधीयते।

नमस्तस्यै नमस्तस्यै नमस्तस्यै नमो नमः॥

yaa devi sarvabhuteshu chetanetya bhidhiiyate.

namastasyai namastasyai namastasyai namo namah॥

It says Salutations to the Divine who resides within us in the form of consciousness.

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Story type: Magical, Witty, Mythological

Age: 7+years; Class: 3+

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