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This story teaches us that God within all of us.

Keywords: empathy, compassion, kindness

We are all One


There was an innocent and kind boy studying in the fifth grade named Vansh. He enjoyed going to school, studying, and playing with friends every day. Everything was going well at school until one day a new boy named Sunny joined. Sunny was the principal's son and he often bullied the other children in school.

Sunny troubled Vansh a lot, sometimes by eating his lunch or spilling water from his bottle. He even made Vansh do his homework and carry his bag. Vansh was afraid to tell his parents about it because Sunny had threatened to get him expelled from the school if he said anything.

Vansh had become very upset due to Sunny's actions. He used to cry in his room, hiding from his parents.

Seeing Vansh in this state, his friend Nachiketa became very sad. Nachiketa decided to get Vansh out of this situation.

One night, Nachiketa went to Sunny's house. He woke up Sunny and asked him to come along. When Sunny refused, Nachiketa hypnotized him with magic. Both of them entered a magical mirror, and suddenly they were at school.

Sunny felt that he was Vansh. Sunny experienced everything that Vansh had gone through because of him. Sunny was feeling just as bad as Vansh felt.

Suddenly, Sunny woke up and realized that he had been dreaming. Nachiketa was standing in front of him.

"I became Vansh and understood how much he was hurt by my actions," Sunny said with surprise and guilt.

"Yes, because you both are the same. You both have the same power to feel good or bad. So, when you trouble Vansh, you are troubling yourself," Nachiketa explained.

"I understand now. I will stop bullying Vansh and the other kids. Thank you for making me realize the right thing," Sunny said to Nachiketa.

The story teaches us that there is the same ONE God within all of us, which means that we are all one.

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Story type: Adventure, Motivational

Age: 7+ years; Class: 3+

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