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What did God look like?

This story teaches us that God is formless.

Keywords: God is formless, God and water, discovering God

What did God look like


Chintu, a third-grade student, once went to Haridwar with his parents. There, he saw many temples and people enjoying boat rides in the river Ganga after visiting the temples. This led Chintu to ask his mother, "Mom, how does God really look?"

His mother smiled and said, "You tell me, how do you think God looks?" Chintu thought for a moment and replied, "Maybe he looks small and cute like Krishna." His mother said that God could also be powerful like Bajrangbali. Chintu insisted that God must be beautiful and fair like Krishna. His mother then explained that beauty is not only in fair skin; dark skin can be equally beautiful. She added, "Maybe God has various forms."

Chintu, not fully understanding, asked for an explanation. His mother said, "Look at the water of the Ganga. It has no specific form. If we put it in a bottle or glass, it takes that shape. Similarly, God can take any form you want to see him in."

"I get it; God has no fixed form, and we see him in the form we desire,"

Chintu said अगुनहि नहिं कछु भेदा। गावहिं मुनि पुरान बुध बेदा॥अगुन अरूप अलख अज जोई। भगत प्रेम बस सगुन सो होई॥ happily.

His mother then compared God to the water of the Ganga, focusing that God is formless.

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Source: Ramcharitmanas

सगुनहि अगुनहि नहिं कछु भेदा। गावहिं मुनि पुरान बुध बेदा॥

अगुन अरूप अलख अज जोई। भगत प्रेम बस सगुन सो होई॥

sagunahi agunahi nahin kachhu bhedaa. gaavahin muni puraan budh bedaa

agun aruup alakh aj joii. bhagat prem bas sagun so hoii Sagunai

"There is no difference between the manifested (sakar) and unmanifested (nirakar) forms of God. Due to the love of the devotee, the formless God takes a manifested form."

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Age: 7+years; Class: 3+

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