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Why unaware of our identity?

This story teaches us that we have the power of God within us.

Keywords: god is in us, survival, self discovery

Why unaware of our identity?


One day, a lioness left her little cub in the den and went out to hunt for food. It took her a little longer than expected to find the food. The cub started getting worried about her mother and went outside the den to search for her.

In the darkness, the lioness cub lost her way and ended up near a flock of sheep in a pen. There were many sheep there. The lioness cub started living with the sheep, behaving just like them. She neither roared like a lioness, nor ran swiftly, nor jumped high. Living among the sheep, she started to see herself as one of them.

One day, as she went grazing with the other sheep, the lioness’s mother arrived. All the sheep ran away in fear, but the lioness cub remained standing there. She recognized her mother and ran towards her, embracing her neck. The lioness cub remembered that she was not a sheep but a lioness. The lioness and her cub roared together. The lioness cub realized her true strength.

So, children, just as the lioness cub forgot about her strength, we also forget that within us lies the power of god, and we can accomplish anything.

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Source: Bhagavad Gita

सर्व भूत स्थितं

sarv bhuut sthitam

It means god is in everyone

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Story type: Motivational, Activity-based

Age: 6+years; Class: 2+

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