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This story teaches us that everything in this world is a part of God.

Keywords: courage, honesty, wisdom

Story of Satyakam


The story of a ten-year-old boy named Satyakam is found in the Chandogya Upanishad. Satyakam one day arrived at the ashram of Sage Gautama, he wanted to become his disciple.

The sage asked him, "What is your father's name? What is your gotra?"

The boy replied, "I do not know my lineage. My mother's name is Jabala, and she was a maidservant. She served in many places and was always busy, so she did not know my father's name and gotra. (Taking into consideration the mental well-being of children, we have made some changes here.)

The sage was pleased to see the courage and honesty of the boy. He accepted him as his disciple and gave him the name Satyakam Jabala.

One day, Sage Gautama instructed Satyakam, "Take these 400 cows, go into the forest, and return when they multiply to 1000."

Following his Guru's command, Satyakam took the cows into the forest. He found a beautiful and clean place in the jungle and decided to stay there with the cows. Satyakam grazed the cows, served them, and protected them from wild animals.

Several years passed, and one day, a bull spoke in a human voice, "Our number has reached 1000. Now you can take us back to the ashram. You have served us well, so I will give you some knowledge."

In the form of a bull, Vayudeva (the wind deity) gave a quarter of the knowledge of God or Truth to Satyakam: "The four directions are all part of God. Further knowledge will be given to you by Agnideva (the fire deity)."


Satyakam set out towards the ashram with the cows. On the way, he lit a fire and called upon Agnideva. Agnideva said, "Earth, ocean, air, and sky are all parts of God."

The next morning, as Satyakam continued his journey with the cows, a swan flew down to him. The swan told him, "The sun, moon, and fire are all parts of God." Taking knowledge from the swan, Satyakam continued on his path. As Satyakam moved ahead with the cows, a bird from the water came near him. The bird shared, "Eyes, ears, mind, and breath are all parts of God."

Thanking the water bird, Satyakam moved forward and soon reached the ashram with the cows. In the ashram, Sage Gautama imparted the final knowledge to Satyakam, handed him the ashram's responsibility, and left. So, children, we should all be brave like Satyakam and speak the truth. 

This story teaches us that everything in this world – the earth, sky, sun, moon, fire, air, water, all living beings, and even every part of our body and mind – is a part of God.

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Story type: Mythological

Age: 7+ years; Class: 3+

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