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This story teaches us how to find happiness at all times.

Keywords: true happiness, bliss, satisfaction

A tale of two birds


Today, Ravi was very happy. He was going on a school picnic with all his friends. He had told his mother last night that he would take pasta for lunch. However, his mother got busy with some important work and forgot about making pasta.

Ravi's mother gave him chapati and vegetable curry for lunch instead. The school bus reached the picnic spot, a beautiful valley with colourful flowers and lush green trees. The children played games, danced, sang songs, and had a lot of fun with their teachers.

After a while, it was lunchtime. Everyone opened their lunch boxes, filled with tasty items like burgers, pastries, pizzas, and even snacks like chaat, pakoras, and samosas.

Ravi excitedly opened his lunch box. "What! chapati and curry? But I told my mom to pack pasta. While everyone is enjoying these tasty dishes, I have to eat this boring chapati and curry," he thought, putting his lunch box back into his bag.

Ravi was sitting there, feeling sad when he noticed a guava tree. Two birds were sitting on it. One bird was quickly eating the sweet fruit, enjoying it and becoming happy, while the other bird, quietly sitting, seemed happy.

Curious, Ravi went to the peaceful bird and asked, "Why aren't you eating the fruit?" The bird replied, "I have no desire to eat the fruit. I am happy without eating any fruit. I always remain content."

"If you get a sour fruit, won't you be unhappy?" Ravi asked. "Whether it's sweet or sour, it doesn't affect my happiness," replied the bird.

Listening to the bird, Ravi's opinion changed. He calmly sat down, opened his lunch box, and ate the chapati and curry made by his mother. He understood that regardless of what we have, we should find happiness in it.

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Source: Chandogya Upanishad

यो वै भूमा तत्सुखं नाल्पे सुखमस्ति

yo vai bhuumaa tatsukham naalpe sukhamasti

The joy that is temporary is not true happiness.

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Story type: Adventure, Motivational

Age: 7+years; Class: 3+

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