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The ghost on the tree

This story teaches us to think before believing anything.

Keywords: adventure, discovery, judgement

The ghost on the tree


During this year's summer vacation, Kumar went to his grandparents' village with his parents and younger sister, Sakshi. Kumar was enjoying the greenery, clean air and peaceful life of the village, away from the hustle and pollution of the city. He became good friends with several village kids - Mohan, Bholu, and Meena. Kumar shared city stories with them and even taught them how to use a mobile phone and laptop.

Kumar and Sakshi were entertained by the funny tales of the village narrated by the village kids. Hearing these stories, Kumar and Sakshi sometimes laughed and were sometimes left amazed.

One day, the conversation turned to ghosts. "Ghosts don't exist," Kumar asserted. Bholu, widening his eyes, contradicted, "No, they do. We've heard many ghost stories from our elders." Kumar, with a serious tone, said, "I don't believe in hearsay. Until I see a ghost with my own eyes, I won't believe they exist."

"My mom says there's a ghost on the jamun tree near the pond. Strange sounds come from that tree at night," Meena said fearfully.

"If that's the case, tonight I'll climb that tree and catch the ghost," Kumar said boldly.

"Aren't you afraid?" Mohan asked.

"No, I'm not scared of anything," replied Kumar confidently.

The next morning, all the kids gathered under the tree. They watched Kumar climb down the tree holding three baby squirrels in his hands.

"Look, here's your ghost," Kumar teased the kids.

"Oh! These are just innocent baby squirrels," all the kids laughed heartily.

"So, that is why I tell you all, don't believe in anything without thinking, and face every challenge courageously," Kumar advised the kids.

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Story type: Adventure, Motivational

Age: 7+ years; Class: 3+

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