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English doha about Truth and its perception from the Gita.


Age: 8-12yrs | 1 sessions | Weekends


तमसो मा ज्योतिर्गमय


 Take me from darkness to light


Be it shlokas of Bhagvad Gita or the Gayatri Mantra, they have a treasure of knowledge needed for the current generation. But, do our kids understand them, appreciate their meaning, and know-how they relate to their life?


For the first time, myNachiketa provides one-hour interactive sessions to understand one shloka at a time facilitated by an expert.

Flow of the sessions of the workshop.

Flow of the session

Teachings of vedas through shlokas and dohas.

We introduce a shloka, and get children to speak the shloka with us.

Copy of discussion.webp

We discuss the meaning of the shloka with the kids.


We ask open-ended questions related to the shloka to the kids and make them think deeply.


We do an activity with the kids: drawing, poetry, or story telling to strengthen the message of the shloka.


Age: 8-12yrs | 1 sessions | Weekends


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