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Krishna and Sudama - True Friendship Story

This story teaches us that true friends always care for each other.

Keywords: Friendship, Love, Care

Krishna and Sudama - True Friendship Story


Akash, studying in class five, was very overprotective of his books and toys. His school friend, Kartik, frequently played with him at his house.

One day, while playing, Kartik took Akash’s favourite car to play with, but Akash started to snatch it from him. Kartik said, “If you cannot share your toys with me, then I don’t want to play with you,” and left.

Akash became unhappy. His mother suddenly came into the room and saw him crying. Akash told her about the whole incident. His mother said, “Son, Kartik is your friend, and you must know that sharing things with your friends is the same as caring for them. Let me tell you the story of two friends who have always been admired for their true friendship.”

Once upon a time, in the village of Vrindavan, lived two friends, Krishna and Sudama. They gained knowledge from the same guru and were inseparable in their childhood. They would do interesting things together, playing games, plucking fruits from trees, splashing in water and helping each other. As they grew up, they promised to cherish their bond forever.

Years later, Krishna became the King of Dwarka and married the goddess Rukmini, whereas Sudama became a pandit.

Sudama didn’t earn much, and when they were at their worst, his wife suggested he seek help from his childhood friend, Krishna. Even though Sudama was hesitant at first, he had no choice.

Sudama’s wife asked him to take something for his dear friend. So, Sudama took the last bit of rice left and wrapped it in a cloth bag.

Barefoot and wearing ripped clothes, Sudama began his journey to Krishna’s palace. Upon reaching Dwarka, people laughed at him for calling himself Krishna’s friend.

When Sudama reached the palace gates, the guards were doubtful about his identity, but they informed Krishna about his childhood friend, Sudama’s return.

As soon as Krishna heard about it, he rushed to welcome Sudama. He saw Sudama’s bleeding bare feet and understood that he travelled barefoot from his village due to poverty. Krishna was delighted to meet his friend after such a long time but at the same time disheartened to see his friend's miserable condition.

Krishna made Sudama sit on his throne and washed his feet himself as a warm gesture, less with water and more with his tears.

Krishna asked, “Have you got any gift for me?”

Sudama shyly handed him the bag of rice, “This is all I could give.”

Krishna joyfully ate the rice his friend had brought for him. Rukmini served him delicious dishes and made arrangements for his comfortable stay at their palace.

The next morning, Sudama bid goodbye to Krishna. Sudama was content with meeting Krishna and wanted nothing more.

However, to his surprise, when he reached home, he found out that his small hut had transformed into a majestic palace. His kids ran towards him wearing expensive clothes and jewels, and his wife came out dressed like a queen. Sudama smiled and thought, “Even though I didn’t ask for anything from Krishna, like a true friend, he understood and fulfilled all my needs.”

“So, Akash, just like God helped his friend without even asking and did not hesitate in giving his things to his friend, we should also be kind to our friends and share our things with them. That is what true friendship is all about, just like Krishna and Sudama,” Akash’s mother concluded.

After hearing the story, Akash realized that he should apologize to Kartik for not sharing his toy car. He felt really bad and promised himself and his mother he’d be a better friend, just like Krishna was to Sudama. Later, Akash went to Kartik’s house and apologized for his mistake and they became best friends.

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Source: Maha Subhasita Samagraha

आपत्काले तु सम्प्राप्ते यन्मित्रं मित्रमेव तत् ।

वृद्धिकाले  तु सम्प्राप्ते दुर्जनोऽपि सुह्रद्भवेत्।।

apatkale tu samprapte yan mitram mitrameva tat

vridhikale tu samprapte durjano api suhrid bhavet

A friend in need is a friend indeed.

During prosperity, a wicked person can also become your friend.

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Story type: Motivational

Age: 7+years; Class: 3+

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