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Narad learned the secret of illusion

This story teaches us that Knowledge of truth and God helps us walk on the right path.

Keywords: Truth, God, Maya

Narad learned the secret of illusion


Once upon a time, Lord Krishna and Narad went on a long journey. They passed through many villages and cities until they reached a vast desert.

There was sand everywhere, as far as they could see. Due to the intense heat and the hot wind, Lord Krishna and Narad became very thirsty. Lord Krishna asked Narad to bring some water.

Narad went in search of water. As he went a little further, he saw a mirage. He ran towards it with a pot in his hand. He reached a village where there were many mud houses.

Narad knocked on the door of one house, and a woman came out. Narad decided to marry her. He completely forgot about Lord Krishna and his thirst.

Narad happily spent twelve years with his wife. They also had three children. One day, a strong storm hit the village with thunder and heavy rain.

Water flooded people's houses. Narad immediately left with his wife and children to find a safe place. Amid the flood and the storm, Narad got separated from his wife and children.

They were carried away in different directions by the rapid flow of water. After flowing for a long time, Narad reached a dry barren land. He was regretting his bad luck.

When he heard a voice, "It's been half an hour, where is the water you went to get for me?" Narad turned around and saw Lord Krishna standing there.

Hearing Lord Krishna's words, Narad exclaimed in surprise, "What, just half an hour!" According to Narad, twelve years had passed.

Narad realised that all of this was Lord Krishna's illusion (maya), which made even lies seem like truth.

Many times, our experiences feel true even though they are false. This happens because we cannot understand the truth and God. If we gain knowledge of truth and God, we will not be trapped in maya and always walk on the right path.

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Source: Bhagavatam

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Story type: Spiritual, Mythological

Age: 7+years; Class: 3+

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