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These Dohe teach us that faith in God and doing good deeds are the way to reach God.

Keywords: Doha, God, Knowledge

Ravidas ke dohe

Sant Ravidas was a saint and poet in India during the 15th and 16th centuries. Ravidas's dohe are a message of devotion and compassion for all humanity. Here are 5 Ravidas ke dohe enriched with spiritual knowledge and profound meanings.

Doha 1

मन साफ़ नहीं जो, न करै ध्यान।
होय विनती, ईश ना होय दर्शन।।

Man saaf nahin jo, na karai dhyaan.

Hoy vinati, eesh na hoy darshan.


Without a clean mind, meditation cannot be effective, and one cannot God.


If you aim to get selected for the football team,  keep your mind clear and focused and practise hard to achieve your goal. 

Doha 2

कहे रैदास तेरी भगति दूरि है,
भाग बड़े सो पावै।
तजि अभिमान मेटि आपा पर,
पाप, ताप सब गावै॥

Kahe Raidas teri bhagti doori hai,

bhaag bade so paavai.

Taji abhimaan meti aapa par,

paap, taap sab gaavai.


In this doha Ravidas emphasizes the importance of humility and sincere devotion in attaining God and liberation from worldly things.


If we study with hard work and dedication, we can acquire great knowledge and reach greater heights.

Doha 3

कृष्ण, करीम, राम, हरि, राघव, जब लग एक न पेखा।

वेद कतेब कुरान, पुरानन, सहज एक नहिं देखा।

Krishn, Karim, Ram, Hari, Raghav, jab lag ek na pekha.

Ved Kateb Kuran, Puranan, sahaj ek nahin dekha.


This Doha by Sant Ravidas highlights that God is the same, no matter the name or religion. It says that true understanding comes when we see that all scriptures and names point to the same God.


Water flows in different rivers like the Ganga, Krishna, and Godavari, but they are all essentially the same because they all contain the same water.

Doha 4

सांच बराबर तप नहीं, झूठ बराबर पाप।
जाके हिरदै सांच है, ताकै हिरदै आप॥

Saanch baraabar tap nahin, jhooth baraabar paap.

Jaake hiradai saanch hai, taake hiradai aap.


Nothing is as valuable as truthfulness and as harmful as falsehood. Those who hold truth in their heart, have God within them.


We should always choose the right path, even if the wrong path seems easier, because God supports those who do what is right.

Doha 5

काहे डरै मनु, है रहे धरनी।
रैदास कहे, वह सरनागति।।

Kahe darai manu, hai rahe dharni.

Raidas kahe, vah sarnagati.


Ravidas advises us not to fear, as God is always there to take care of us, much like the earth provides care and shelter for all its creatures.


We should not be afraid of doing difficult things as God is always there to help and support us.

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