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These Dohe teach us the importance of true devotion in achieving greatness and prosperity in life.

Keywords: Doha, God, Knowledge

Tulsidas ke dohe

Tulsidas was a renowned poet and saint in India who wrote the epic "Ramcharitmanas". He lived in the 16th century and dedicated his life to the worship of Lord Rama. Tulsidas's dohe are famous for their devotion, simplicity, and moral teachings, and they continue to inspire people with their spiritual messages.

Doha 1

बिनु हरि कृपा मिलहिं नहीं संता।
काहुं को बहु विधि करहिं यता।।

Binu Hari kripa milahin nahin santa.

Kahun ko bahu vidhi karahin yata.


Without the grace of God, one cannot find saints. One may try in many ways.


We should respect our teachers because we get good teachers only by the grace of God. 

Doha 2

सगुनहि अगुनहि नहिं कछु भेदा। गावहिं मुनि पुरान बुध बेदा॥
अगुन अरूप अलख अज जोई। भगत प्रेम बस सगुन सो होई॥

Sagunahim agunahim nahim kachu bheda. Gaavahim muni puran budh beda.

Agun arup alakh aj joi. Bhagat prem bas sagun so hoi.


Tulsidas says that according to the Wise and the Vedas and Puranas, there is no difference between God with form and God without form. God has no specific form or shape, but He takes on different forms due to the love and devotion of His devotees.


Kids, we know that water has no specific shape or colour. It takes the shape of the container we pour it into and the colour of any dye we add to it. Similarly, God doesn't have a specific form or colour. God takes on the form in which we wish to see Him.

Doha 3

तुलसी काया खेत है, मनसा भयौ किसान।
पाप-पुन्य दोउ बीज हैं, बुवै सो लुनै निदान।।

Tulsi kaya khet hai, manasa bhayo kisan.

Paap-punya dou bija hain, buvai so lunai nidaan.


Tulsidas says the body is like a field, and the mind is the farmer. Good and bad are the two seeds; Just as a farmer reaps what he sows, a person will face the results of their good and bad deeds.


If we practice hard for any sport, we will excel in it. However, if we don’t practice enough, we will never become a champion.

Doha 4

तुलसी साथी विपति के, विद्या, विनय, विवेक। 
साहस, सुकृत, सुसत्य-व्रत, राम-भरोसो एक॥ 

Tulsi saathi vipati ke, vidya, vinaya, vivek.

Saahas, sukrit, susatya-vrat, Raam-bharoso ek.


In this Doha, Tulsidas highlights the qualities that help a person through tough times. He mentions knowledge, humility, and wisdom as important traits, along with courage, good deeds, and truthfulness. All of these qualities are supported by having faith in Lord Ram.


Sometimes we face problems in our studies or find it difficult to complete a project. In those situations, we should have faith in God and work with honesty and determination.

Doha 5

सीता संग रघुनाथ हैं, लखन सहित वानर गण।

तुलसी के जीवन खिले, सच्चिदानंद रमण।।

Sita sang Raghunath hain, Lakhan sahit vanar gan.

Tulsi ke jeevan khile, sachidanand raman.


Tulsidas is delighted to experience the presence of Ram, Sita, and Lakshman along with the monkey army.


Just as we get happy by seeing our friends and parents around similarly the presence of God can bring never-ending joy and fulfilment to our life.

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