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This story teaches us that the goal of life is to attain true knowledge and share it with others.

Keywords: Poems, Devotion, God



Auvaiyar is considered one of the most intelligent women in the history of India. Auvaiyar was a renowned poetess of ancient times. It is believed that her poems helped maintain peace among different kingdoms.

She wrote famous poems for children such as "Aathichudi", "Konrai Venthan", and "Nalvazhi Moondurai". She also composed devotional songs like "Vinayagar Agaval" praising Lord Ganesha. These songs are still sung throughout Tamil Nadu, especially during Ganesh Chaturthi.

Auvaiyar had an interest in religion and literature from a young age. She grew up to become a highly knowledgeable woman. She devoted herself to the worship of Lord Ganesha and prayed to Him to age her body because she did not want to marry.

She understood at a young age that having a developed body and mind helps effectively share knowledge with others. Lord Ganesha answered her prayers. Slowly, her hair turned grey, wrinkles appeared on her skin, and she became old.

She focused all her attention on enhancing her knowledge and devoting herself to the worship of God. According to her, what we have learned is like a handful of sand, and what we have to learn is as vast as the earth.

Auvaiyar made a significant contribution to Tamil literature. Tamil scholars still discuss her poems and enhance their knowledge. In her honour, a statue of her has been installed on the Marina Beachfront in Chennai.

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Story type: Motivational

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