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Believe in yourself: A magical lesson

This story teaches us that with belief in yourself, you can overcome any challenge and emerge victorious.

Keywords: God, Truth, Power

Believe in yourself


Today, Vaibhav was very excited, and why wouldn't he be? A famous magician was coming to their town to perform a magic show. Vaibhav went to see the evening magic show with his father and friends.

The magician showed amazing tricks one after another, leaving the children wide-eyed with wonder. Sometimes he would pull a rabbit out of an empty hat, and other times he would make things float in the air with his magic.

The most incredible trick was when he locked a man in a box, and when he opened the box, the man had disappeared.

The children had a lot of fun watching the magic show. They were talking about the magician and his tricks as they walked back home.

Suddenly, Vaibhav shouted, "Snake, move back!" Vaibhav's father stepped forward and said, "Kids, don't be afraid! It's not a snake, it's just a rope." All the children came closer and said, "Oh yes! It's just an ordinary rope."

"So, this was the last magic trick of the day," Vaibhav's father said.

"Sometimes, things like this happen to us too. We believe in things that aren't true and we are small and weak, but that's not true because we have God's power within us. So, remember to believe in yourself", he explained. Vaibhav smiled and said, "Just like the magician's tricks, we should always remember to look beyond appearances and believe in ourselves." His father nodded, "Exactly, Vaibhav. With believe in yourself and faith and courage, you can overcome any illusion or fear."

And with that thought, the children went home, feeling braver and more confident than ever before.

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Story type: Motivational

Age: 7+years; Class: 3+

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