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What is beyond the body?

This story teaches us that We are more than our bodies; we are atma.

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What is beyond the body


Once, Sage Vyasa was sitting by the banks of the Yamuna River in Vrindavan. Some milkmaids came there. They needed to cross the river to go to another village to sell milk, curd, and butter.

But they couldn't see any boat in the river. The milkmaids were worried about how they would cross the Yamuna River now.

They approached Sage Vyasa for help. The sage said, "I will definitely help you, as I also need to go to the other side. But first, can you give me some milk and curd? I am very hungry."

After eating to his fill, milkmaids asked Sage Vyasa to fulfil his promise. Sage Vyasa then stepped into the Yamuna River and folded his hands in prayer, "O Mother, if I haven't eaten anything, please show us a way through the river so that we can cross to the other side." The milkmaids giggled because Sage Vyasa had just enjoyed a hearty meal of milk, curd, and butter.

The Yamuna River accepted the sage's prayer and gave a way through the river. Sage Vyasa led the milkmaids across to the other side of the Yamuna.

Why did the Yamuna River grant Sage Vyasa's prayer? It happened because the sage knew that he was more than just his body; he was an atman. He hadn't consumed the milk, curd, and butter; his body had.

We are more than our bodies; we are atma.

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