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7 Best stories for class 1

Updated: Jun 5

 7 best stories for class 1

Here are the best short stories in English for class 1. Get ready for adventures, funny moments, and important lessons. Join us as we explore new worlds and have loads of fun together.


In a game with Nachiketa 

in a game with nachiketa 

Play a fun game with Nikhil and Nachiketa and learn that we are more than just our bodies. Explore the teachings of Nirvana Shatakam where Adi Shankaracharya explains that our real identity goes beyond our body and mind. Read the story to discover your real identity.


The ghost on the tree

the ghost on the tree

During his school summer vacation, Kumar visited his grandparents' village. His village friends told him the story of a ghost living on a jamun tree there. Kumar was very intelligent and didn't believe in hearsay. He decided to climb the tree to meet the ghost himself. To find out how Kumar's encounter with the ghost went, read the entire story.


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Frog in the well

frog in the well

Lily was a little girl who lived in her own world, like a frog in a well. She never went anywhere except school and didn't interact with anyone. Through an engaging story, Lily learned that stepping out of her boundaries could help her understand herself and the world better. Let's find out what the exciting story was all about.


We are all one 

we are all one

Vansh, who was in fifth grade was troubled by a boy named Sunny. Then Vansh's friend Nachiketa did some magic that made Sunny realize his mistake, and he understood that there is the same God inside everyone, meaning we all are one.


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As You Sow, So Shall You Reap

as you sow so shall you reap

Kiran was very excited about the painting competition at school. She had placed all her colours in her bag the previous night. However, upon reaching school, she realized that her colours were missing. Now, how will Kiran complete her painting? Read this special story to find out.


Elephant parable

elephant parable

Once upon a time, an elephant entered the village of Andhakapur, where all the villagers were blind. As the elephant moved through the village, the villagers reached out to touch it and each perceived it as something different - a wall, a pillar, a rope, and even a pipe. Let's find out what else the villagers imagined the elephant as and if anyone could recognize it.

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God is our true friend

god is our true friend

Shivani was upset when her friend left, but her grandmother helped her find a new friend who is always there for her. Let's see what true friendship means with Shivani and her grandmother.

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