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Sunderkand Ki Chaupai

Sunderkand Ki Chaupai

Sunderkand, the fifth book of Ramcharitmanas by Goswami Tulsidas, is a significant part of the epic. Sundarkand comprises a total of 58 chaupais (quatrains). These chaupai show Hanumanji's bravery and his strong devotion to Lord Ram. Sunderkand is especially important because it narrates Hanumanji's journey to Lanka, his search for Sita Ji, and his encounter with Ravana.

myNachiketa presents eight 'Sunderkand ki chaupai' for children, with simple meanings and impactful messages. These chaupai beautifully portray Hanumanji's selfless love for Lord Ram. They inspire us to dedicate our lives to our God just like Hanumanji did.

Sunderkand Ki Chaupai 1

1. Chaupai

प्रबिसि नगर कीजे सब काजा। हृदयँ राखि कोसलपुर राजा॥

गरल सुधा रिपु करहिं मिताई। गोपद सिंधु अनल सितलाई॥

Prabisi nagar kije sab kaja. Hriday rakhi Kosalpur raja.

Garal sudha ripu karahi mitai. Gopad sindhu anal sitlai.


In this verse from the Sunderakanda, the gatekeeper of Lanka tells Hanuman that by keeping the king of Ayodhya, Lord Rama, in his heart, he enters Lanka and accomplishes all his tasks. Those who meditate on Lord Rama find that poison turns into nectar, enemies become friends, the depths of the ocean are reduced and fire becomes cool.


When we remember God in all our actions, we achieve success.

Sunderkand Ki Chaupai 2

2. Chaupai

रामचंद्र गुन बरनैं लागा। सुनतहिं सीता कर दुख भागा॥

लागीं सुनैं श्रवन मन लाई। आदिहु तें सब कथा सुनाई॥

Ramachandra gun barnai laga. Sunat hi Sita kar dukh bhaga.

Lagi sunai shravan man lai. Adihu te sab katha sunai.


In this verse from the Sunderakanda, Hanumanji describes the virtues of Lord Ram. Upon hearing this, Sita Mata’s sorrow disappeared. Sita Mata listens to the praise of Lord Rama with devotion. Hanumanji narrates the entire story from beginning to end.


We should listen to the stories of great personalities from our teachers and parents so that our knowledge grows, and we are inspired to do good deeds in life.

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Sunderkand Ki Chaupai 3

3. Chaupai

धरइ जो बिबिध देह सुरत्राता। तुम्ह से सठन्ह सिखावनु दाता॥

हर कोदंड कठिन जेहिं भंजा। तेहि समेत नृप दल मद गंजा॥

Dharai jo bibidh deh surtrata. Tumh se sathanh sikhavanu data.

Har kodand kathin jehin bhanja. Tehi samet nrip dal mad ganja.


In this verse from the Sunderakanda, Hanumanji praises Lord Ram while speaking to Ravan. He says that Lord Ram takes form to protect good people and teach a lesson to the ignorant like Ravan. Lord Ram, who broke the mighty bow of Shiva, also shattered the pride of many kings.


God always supports those who are true and good and punishes those who do wrong. Therefore, we should always walk on the path of truth.


Sunderkand Ki Chaupai 4

4. Chaupai

राम बिमुख संपति प्रभुताई। जाइ रही पाई बिनु पाई॥

सजल मूल जिन्ह सरितन्ह नाहीं। बरषि गएँ पुनि तबहिं सुखाहीं

Ram bimukh sampati prabhutai. Jai rahi pai binu pai.

Sajal mool jinh saritanh nahin. Barashi gaen puni tabahim sukhahin.


In this verse from the Sunderakanda, it is said that those who turn away from Lord Rama (and move towards evil) lose their wealth and honour, and whatever they gain holds no value. Just like rivers without a constant source dry up soon after the rains are over.


If we keep our faith in God, our good qualities will never diminish, and we will be successful in all our work.

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Sunderkand Ki Chaupai 5

5. Chaupai

ताकर दूत अनल जेहिं सिरिजा। जरा न सो तेहि कारन गिरिजा

उलटि पलटि लंका सब जारी। कूदि परा पुनि सिंधु मझारी॥

Takar doot anal jehin sirija. Jara na so tehi karan Girija.

Ulati palati Lanka sab jari. Koodi para puni Sindhu majhari.


In this verse from the Sunderakanda, it is said that Hanumanji, being the messenger of the one who created fire, did not get burned by it. Hanumanji set the entire Lanka on fire and then jumped into the ocean.


Those who have faith in God are always protected by Him.

Sunderkand Ki Chaupai 6

6. Chaupai

जामवंत कह सुनु रघुराया। जा पर नाथ करहु तुम्ह दाया॥

ताहि सदा सुभ कुसल निरंतर। सुर नर मुनि प्रसन्न ता ऊपर॥

Jamavant kah sunu Raghuraya. Ja par Nath karahu tumh daya.

Tahi sada subh kusal nirantar. Sur nar muni prasann ta upar.


In this verse from the Sunderakanda, Jamvant says that those to whom Lord Rama shows mercy always find well-being and happiness. Gods, humans, and sages are all pleased with such a person.


Those who are blessed by God are always happy. Therefore, we should always do good work so that we receive God's blessings.

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Sunderkand Ki Chaupai 7

7. Chaupai

उमा राम सुभाउ जेहिं जाना। ताहि भजनु तजि भाव न आना॥

यह संबाद जासु उर आवा। रघुपति चरन भगति सोइ पावा॥

Uma Ram subhau jehin jana. Tahi bhajan taji bhav na ana.

Yah sambad jasu ur aava. Raghupati charan bhakti soi pava.


In this verse from the Sunderakanda, Lord Shiva tells Parvati that those who understand Lord Ram find His worship to be the most beloved. Those who understand the relationship between devotees and God attain devotion to the Lord.


Those who worship God with a sincere heart find Him quickly.



Sunderkand Ki Chaupai 8

8. Chaupai

निर्मल मन जन सो मोहि पावा। मोहि कपट छल छिद्र न भावा॥

भेद लेन पठवा दससीसा। तबहुँ न कछु भय हानि कपीसा॥

Nirmal man jan so mohi pava. Mohi kapat chal chhidra na bhava.

Bhed len pathava Dasisa. Tabahun na kachu bhay hani Kapisa.


In this verse from the Sunderakanda, Lord Ram tells Sugriva that only those with a pure heart can truly know Him. He does not favour those who are dishonest or cunning. Even if Ravan has sent Vibhishan to spy on them, they have nothing to fear or lose.


To attain God, we must remove all negative emotions from our hearts. We should not lie, get angry at others, or wish bad for anyone.

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Sunderkand Ki Chaupai 9

9. Chaupai

जदपि कही कपि अति हित बानी। भगति बिबेक बिरति नय सानी॥

बोला बिहसि महा अभिमानी। मिला हमहि कपि गुर बड़ ग्यानी॥

Jadapi kahi kapi ati hit bani. Bhakti bibek birati nay sani.

Bola bihasi maha abhimani. Mila hamahi kapi gur bad gyani.


In this verse from Sunderakanda, Hanumanji spoke to Ravana with devotion and wisdom, offering him valuable advice. However, the proud Ravana laughed (sarcastically) and said, "Now this monkey will give us knowledge."


Knowledge, regardless of its source, is priceless. Therefore, we should not hesitate to gain knowledge from anyone.

Sunderkand Ki Chaupai 10

10. Chaupai

कहेहु तात अस मोर प्रनामा। सब प्रकार प्रभु पूरनकामा॥

दीन दयाल बिरिदु संभारी। हरहु नाथ सम संकट भारी॥

Kaheu taat as mor pranama. Sab prakaar Prabhu poornakama.

Deen dayal birid sambhari. Harahu Nath sam sankat bhaari.


In this verse from Sunderakanda, Sita Ji told Hanuman Ji to convey her salutations to Shri Ram and to tell him, "O Lord! You are complete in every way and have no desires, yet it is your nature to show compassion to those who are suffering. Therefore, please relieve my sorrows as well."


We should pray to God to remove our troubles and guide us to do the right things.


Sunderkand Ki Chaupai 11

11. Chaupai

सोइ बिजई बिनई गुन सागर। तासु सुजसु त्रैलोक उजागर॥

प्रभु कीं कृपा भयउ सबु काजू। जन्म हमार सुफल भा आजू॥

Soi bijai binai gun sagar. Tasu sujasu trailok ujagar.

Prabhu keen kripa bhayau sabu kaju. Janm hamaar suphal bha aaju.


In this verse from Sunderakanda, upon Hanuman Ji's victorious return from Lanka, Jambavan tells Shri Ram that the one who receives your blessings becomes victorious, humble, and a sea of virtues. Such a person is praised in all three worlds. By the Lord's grace, all tasks are accomplished. Today, our lives are fulfilled.


Those who receive God's blessings accomplish all their tasks without difficulty. Therefore, we should pray to God for His blessings to achieve success.

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