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Stories for 8 year olds

Updated: Apr 18

 stories for 8 year olds

Here are the best short stories in English for 8 years old. Get ready for adventures, funny moments, and important lessons. Join us as we explore new worlds and have loads of fun together.


 Why unaware of our identity?

why unaware of our identity

One day, a lioness left her little cub in the den to go hunting for food. When she took longer than expected to return, the cub came out of the den to look for her. She got lost and reached a herd of sheep. She started to think of herself as a sheep. What happened next? Did she find her mother? Did she realize she was not a sheep but a lion? Let's find out.


Elephant parable

elephant parable

Once upon a time, an elephant entered the village of Andhakapur, where all the villagers were blind. As the elephant moved through the village, the villagers reached out to touch it and each perceived it as something different - a wall, a pillar, a rope, and even a pipe. Let's find out what else the villagers imagined the elephant as and if anyone could recognize it.


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Story of sugar and water

story of sugar and water

Shalu used to go to the temple with her mother every day. One day, she saw a message on the temple wall: 'God is in every particle’, a teaching of Chhandogya Upanishad. She wondered how that could be possible. Just then, her friend Nachiketa came and showed her a fascinating magic trick. Was the answer to Shalu's question hidden in the magic?


Joy of sharing

joy of sharing

There was a little rabbit named Cheeku who was sad because all his carrots got spoiled. His friend Mini Mouse took him to the carrot fields, which made Cheeku happy. As Cheeku was happily carrying the carrots home, he heard a mango tree screaming in pain. What happens next? Let's see the story.

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God is our true friend

god is our true friend

Shivani was upset when her friend left, but her grandmother helped her find a new friend who is always there for her. Let's see what true friendship means with Shivani and her grandmother.


A tale of two birds

a tale of two birds

Ravi went on a picnic with his friends. He wanted pasta for lunch, but his mother gave him roti and curry instead. Ravi sat sadly while his friends enjoyed their lunch. Then he saw two birds. One bird was eagerly eating fruit, while the other bird seemed content without eating any fruit. Ravi asked the bird how it could be happy without eating any fruit. Let's read this inspiring story based on the teachings of Chhandogya Upanishad to know the bird's answer which made Ravi happy again.

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