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Stories for Class 2 Kids

a 5 year old boy smiling and playing around with animals

Here the best short stories in English for class 2. Get ready for adventures, funny moments, and important lessons. Join us as we explore new worlds and have loads of fun together.


Elephant Parable

a elpehant roaming in indian rural village

One day an elephant came into the village of Andhakpur, where everyone was blind. Each villager touched it and described it differently: a wall, a pillar, a rope, a pipe, a fan. They argued until Champa suggested it was a fan to cool them from the heat. What unfolds next in this charming story?


Story of Sugar and Water

a sikh boy and a girl holding a glass of water inside the temple

Meeta visits temple with her mother every day but one day, Meeta saw a message on the temple wall: 'God is in every particle.' Curious, she wondered how that could be. Maybe Nachiketa, a boy who loves spiritual stories, could explain. Nachiketa performed a magical trick. Read this God story and find out what happened later.


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hanuman ji flying over the sea

On his journey to find Mother Sita, Hanuman ji encountered a vast ocean. Feeling small and doubtful, Jamwant ji reminded him of forgotten powers. Let's see what happens next, as these powers played a crucial role in helping Shri Ram defeat the mighty King Ravan of Lanka


Krishna and the Fruit seller

balkrishna talking to a fruit vendor named sukhiya

Balkrishna loved sweet fruits. One day, Sukhiya, a fruit vendor, came to Gokul. Seeing Krishna's desire for the fruits, she asked him to give some wheat in return. But see what happened when Krishna returned with some wheat grains, making this one of the sweetest spiritual stories.

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Why Unaware of Our Identity?

a lioness and her cub sitting magestically in the forest

One day, a lioness left her little cub in the den and went out to hunt for food. It took her a little longer than expected to find the food. The cub started getting worried about her mother and went outside the den to search for her. She got lost and started living with the sheep, feeling herself to be one of them. One day, her mother found her. What happened next will leave you amazed.


 God is happy with very little

shri krishna eating from a pot which belonged to draupadi

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Let's Share Happiness

a mouse and a rabbit happiiy looking forward

Chiku the rabbit was sad because his carrots went bad due to insects. His friend Mini took him to a field with fresh carrots, making Chiku happy. While Chiku was happily hopping with the carrots, he heard someone screaming in pain from a nearby mango tree. What will happen next? Let's see the story.

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