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Rahim ke dohe class 9

Updated: 6 days ago

Rahim ke dohe

Rahim was a famous poet in India during the 16th century. He was one of the Navaratnas (nine gems) in the court of the Mughal Emperor Akbar. Rahim wrote beautiful dohe that were full of wisdom and inculcated values like kindness and compassion in people. Here are 5 of Rahim ke dohe with explanation highlighting the importance of goodness and kindness.

Rahim Ke Dohe 1

1. Doha

रहिमन पानी राखिए, बिन पानी सब सून।

पानी गए न उबरे, मोती मानुष चून।।

Rahiman paani rakhiye, bin paani sab soon.

Paani gaye na ubhre, moti manush choon.


Rahim tells us to stay humble because, without humility, even great qualities or achievements become meaningless.


If we win any competition, we should not feel pride in it. Otherwise, the achievement loses its importance.


Rahim Ke Dohe 2

2. Doha

समय पाय फल होत है, समय पाय झरी जात।

सदा रहे नहिं एक सी, का रहीम पछितात।।

Samay paay phal hot hai, samay paay jhari jaat.

Sadaa rahe nahin ek si, kaa Rahim pachhitaat.


Rahim says that everything happens at their fixed time. We should not worry about the bad times because they don’t remain forever.  


Sometimes, we really want our parents to buy us the latest phone, but they say it's not the right time. This can make us feel sad, but we should respect their decision because they know when the right time is to give us something. Everything should happen at the right time.

Watch this video to get a deeper understanding on these dohe.


Rahim Ke Dohe 3

3. Doha

दोनों रहिमन एक से, जों लों बोलत नाहिं।

जान परत हैं काक पिक, रितु बसंत के माहिं।।

Dono Rahiman ek se, jo lon bolat naahin.

Jaan parat hain kaak pik, ritu basant ke maahin.


This Rahim Doha says that two people may seem the same until they show their qualities; just like one can distinguish between a crow and a cuckoo only when they sing in the spring.


We all have many friends, but only in times of need do we get to know about our real friends.

Rahim Ke Dohe 4

4. Doha

रहिमन रीति सराहिए, जो घट गुन सम होय

भीति आप पै डारि के, सबै पियावै तोय।। 

Rahiman reeti saraahiye, jo ghat gun sam hoy.

Bheeti aap pai daari ke, sabai piyaavai toy.


This Rahim Doha means that we should admire the behaviour that is like the pot and the rope. Both the pot and the rope take risks to give water to others. When the pot goes into the well, there is always a chance that the rope might break or the pot might break. This suggests that we should value people who remain humble and generous despite having good qualities.


Sometimes, we might know more about a subject than our friends, but instead of being arrogant, we should be humble and share what we know with them.

Read our books to know more on these dohe.

Rahim Ke Dohe 5

5. Doha

वृक्ष कबहूँ नहीं फल भखैं, नदी न संचै नीर

परमारथ के कारने, साधुन धरा सरीर।

Vriksh kabahu nahin phal bhakhe, nadi na sanchai neer

Parmarath ke karane, sadhun dhara sareer.


Rahim encourages everyone to be like trees and rivers that provide their fruits and water to others and never use it themselves. Wise and virtuous people live for the benefit of others.


If God has blessed us with gifts, whether knowledge or wealth, we should generously share them with others and remain humble. For example, if you have extra toys, you can share your toys with your friends. Always stay kind and humble, remembering that sharing makes everyone feel good.

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