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Stories with moral values

Updated: May 2

stories with moral values

Here are the 8 best short stories in English for 5th graders. Get ready for adventures, funny moments, and important lessons. Join us as we explore new worlds and have loads of fun together.


 Why unaware of our identity?

why unaware of our identity

One day, a lioness left her little cub in the den and went out to hunt for food. It took her a little longer than expected to find the food. The cub started getting worried about her mother and went outside the den to search for her. She got lost and started living with the sheep, feeling herself to be one of them. One day, her mother found her. What happened next will leave you amazed


Elephant parable

elephant parable

Once upon a time, an elephant entered the village of Andhakapur, where all the villagers were blind. As the elephant moved through the village, the villagers reached out to touch it and each perceived it as something different - a wall, a pillar, a rope, and even a pipe. Let's find out what else the villagers imagined the elephant as and if anyone could recognize it.


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As you sow, so shall you reap

as you sow so shall you reap

Kiran was very excited about the painting competition at school. She had placed all her colours in her bag the previous night. However, upon reaching school, she realized that her colours were missing. Now, how will Kiran complete her painting? Read this special story to find out.


Monu’s birthday 

monu’s birthday

On his ninth birthday, Monu went to the temple with his father. On the way, he saw a man worshipping a cow, a woman worshipping a peepal tree, and a priest offering water to the sun. On their way back from the temple, he asked his father, "Dad, why do we worship animals, trees, the sun, and the moon?" Together, Monu and his father tried to find the answer to this question. Let's see if they found the answer.


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rohan and nachiketa went on a ride

Rohan and Nachiketa went on a ride

Let's go for an adventurous bike ride with Rohan and Nachiketa to discover the infinite in the world. Have a thoughtful talk to flowers, sand, and stars, and explore the infiniteness of God.


We are all one 

we are all one 

Vansh, who was in fifth grade was troubled by a boy named Sunny. Then Vansh's friend Nachiketa did some magic that made Sunny realize his mistake, and he understood that there is the same God inside everyone, meaning we all are one.


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