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Contrasting perceptions from different point of views to indicate that God is present in various forms around us.


Gita Concepts for Children

We aim to bring the philosophical ideas and concepts in Hinduism to children in simple, fun and creative ways.

Nachiketa Tells Stories - Wisdom tales about Gita and Upanishads for children in a fun and interactive way.
Shloka and Doha -  Fun Activity book for children teaching insights of Hindu mantras and ancient chants.
Discovering God - Hindu Philosophy, Book guiding children to understand and explore Hindu gods.


Explore the age-old wisdom of Bhagavad Gita, Upanishads and Vedas through modern stories and activities.

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myNachiketa Gita Scholars

Make your child a Gita Scholar.


Introduce the deep wisdom of Gita in a fun and engaging way

  • Free application, age of 5-12 yrs 

  • Free Gita Class & story videos

  • Simple to apply, do-approach to learning & inspires curiosity

  • All the children will get certificates, 100 books to be given & big prizes

Our Vision

Children are well versed with Ramayana and Mahabharat, but not with the spiritual knowledge of the Gita and Upanishads. 


We fill the gap!

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Raise curiosity about ideas of Vedanta like karma, jiva, parmatma


Encourage kids to ask questions, debate and discover​


Develop positive thinking, courage and respect for all

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Kids and Parents love us

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