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brings the philosophical ideas and concepts in Hinduism to children in creative ways

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Give your child the gift of reconnecting with their roots and put them on the path to becoming holistic individuals!!

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Through this interactive and discussion-oriented course, we give kids a gentle introduction to Hindu philosophical concepts and ideas.

We don’t provide answers, we encourage kids to ask questions as Nachiketa did!


What is myNachiketa

Our Vision

Children are well versed with tales and rituals of Hinduism, but not the knowledge of the Gita and Upanishads.

We fill the gap!


Kids and Parents love us


In older times, we had grandparents sharing the knowledge of Ramayana and Gita with kids but today that is missing. I liked this workshop for Ayan as it introduces spiritual concepts at a young age, and this increases kid’s logical and rational thinking. It will help them to become a better individual in life.

Monica Sharma – Ayan’s mother