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Purana stories

Updated: 7 days ago

Purana Stories

Here are the best short bedtime stories from Puranas. Get ready for adventures, funny moments, and important lessons. Join us as we explore new worlds and have loads of fun together.


God is happy with very little

god is happy with very little

During the Pandavas' exile in the forest, a sage named Durvasa came to their home for a meal. However, there was no food left. Let's see how Lord Krishna helped them out of this problem, in this story from the Mahabharata.


How did lord Hanuman cross the sea?

How did Lord Hanuman cross the sea

When Hanumanji and his friends set out to find Sita Mata, they encountered a vast ocean blocking their path. Crossing it seemed impossible. Jamvant ji reminded Hanumanji of his forgotten powers. Let's relive this story from Ramayana to see the miracles Hanumanji showed with his powers.


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Krishna and the fruit seller

krishna and the fruit seller

Little Krishna loved sweet fruits very much. One day, a fruit seller named Sukhiya came to Gokul. She asked Krishna for some wheat grains in exchange for sweet fruits. Did Krishna bring the grains? Did he get the fruits? Let's see what happened next in this lovely tale from Bhagavad Purana. 


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Why did Hanuman ji tear his chest?

why did hanuman ji tear his chest

After Lord Rama's victory over Ravana, something interesting happened in Ayodhya. Sita Mata gave gifts to everyone. Even Hanumanji received a gift. What did Hanumanji do with that gift, and how did he demonstrate his devotion and love for Lord Rama? Let's see in this heartwarming tale from Ramayana.


Story of Prahlad

story of prahlad

King Hiranyakashyap received special powers and demanded to be worshipped by all. His son Prahlada was a devotee of Lord Vishnu. Witness Prahlada's faith and courage as he stands up to his father. Follow along to learn an important lesson about God.

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